10 Places You Must Visit Before You Die

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1. Dubrovnik in Croatia

The city, Dubrovnik in Croatia is a must visit for history lovers. The city is filled with stone walls, cathedrals, churches and museums that have been here for centuries together. You really need to visit the city at least once in your lifetime.

2. Normandy in France

The Normandy in France has a lot of vertical sea cliffs and countless beaches. The city is located in the northern part of France and is known for its interesting part in world’s history.

3. Hunan in China

Hunan do not have so many visitors, but it will for sure blow your mind. Hunan Sky city also have one of the highest buildings. You need to visit this city and see what we are talking about.

4. Hamburg in Germany

Hamburg is the perfect city to visit if you love music, historical monuments and shopping. The city have tons of visitors every year and you will see why, when you visit this town.

5. Stockholm in Sweden

Stockholm has great opportunities for tourists to have a good time. The city is also known as “Venice of the North”. There are a lot to see and you can use a ton of time in the city.

6. Leeds in England

The beautiful and quiet little city has many vineyards, open-air art galleries, lots of rivers, shopping markets, reputed educational universities and much more. Leeds is placed in Yorkshire.

7. Florence in Italy

Florence is a historical city and here you will find lots of art and galleries. The city is also known as the City of Lilies.

8. Belfast in Ireland

Belfast is one of the most beautiful and respected cities in the UK. This city attracts a lot of tourists and holds a lot of fine galleries monuments.

9. Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town is the most ancient city in South Africa and it has a lot of mountains, water, and cliffs. The locals call this city for “mother city”.

10. Tokyo in Japan

If you like lights, here is the place to go. Tokyo is one of the rapidly developing cities in the world. We can differently say that Tokyo is a MUST SEE.