10 Things You Must Before You Die

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1. Swim With Dolphins

Are you feeling a little sad or depressed, then go and take a swim with the dolphins. This is really fascinating and has been popular since 1980s and 1990s.

2. Take A Cruise

Cruises can be expensive to some people, but don’t worry. We have found some tickets for $75 per day, so it’s cheap. We think you should take a cruise with your friends and family for a week or two.

3. Take a Photo with an Animal

This is extremely feasible and possible for most people and it will make you proud that you did it. For pictures like this, you can go to the national park or zoo and find some animals that you can takes pictures with.

4. High-Speed Train

A high speed train is traveling with about 250 kmph and offers a great experience for those who love speed. You can take a high speed train to a lot of countries, so jump on one and relax.

5. Stay in an Ice Hotel

This is a highly recommended point for your bucket list. Have you ever wondered what is like to live like Eskimos? Now is your change. You really need to try this with your loved ones.

6. Help out a Stranger

Have you ever helped out a blind man or maybe an old lady with her bags? If not, we differently think you should try it. After doing things like this, you will be filled with happiness.

7. Ride a Motorcycle

If you are afraid of riding a motorcycle, then try to sit on the back on your friends bike first and take a helmet on. Learn how to bike and buy one yourself. Taking a trip on a motorcycle, will reduce stress and make you happier.

8. Donate your Blood

Are you ready for saving lives? Don’t do this a one-time thing. Donating blod can help reduce cancer and tumors, so start today and donate as much as you can. You can properly safe a lot of lives.

9. Ride in a Helicopter

With the prices starting at $50 you can differently afford a helicopter ride. A ride in a helicopter can be very exiting and fun, so please make this on your bucket list.

10. Scuba Diving

Ever though how it would be if you can breathe under water? Scuba diving is your answer. If you get the chance, you need to try this on your next vacation.