Drunk girl mistakes

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1. Waking Up With A Stranger In Bed

Just from the picture, you can feel the goosebumps. Every girl has tried to woke up next to a stranger from the party last night. You have properly tried it too and its a difficult task to get him out of the bed and away.

2. Hugging The Toilet

When it comes to hugging and puke, the only friend remaining is a good old toilet. Its the perfect way to just relax and get it all out and some might even sleep there. You don’t have to worry, the toilet will hold you until you are done.

3. Getting An Awkward Tatoo

Calling your friends the day after a heavy party and tell them you got a tatoo is not a good idea. They will properly be more stoned than you are. The women in the picture properly regrets this tatoo after waking up.

4. Hooking Up With A Nerd

Hooking up with nerds can be a big mistake. Specially if you friends took some pictures of you and him hooking up and shared the picture. This can also make you an unhappy life, because a single kiss can lead to a marriage.

5. Showing Off Flexibility

When girls get a little to much to drink, they often wants to show off. As you can see in the picture, the girl is very flexible. Normally girls had to have their legs together, but when alcohol kicks in, its a whole new story.

6. Regretting Poor Life Choices

There is nothing more dangerous for a drunk girl than having time to reflect on her life. It can start with “Why did I drink so much?” and followed up by “Daddy never loved me”. This can be a bad thing as we know what can happen next.

7. Posting Sexy Selfies

Every girl takes a lot of selfies and when you get more alcohol you may be losing a little bit up and starting to taking more sexier selfies and sent them to others. Back in the days, boys got through a lot of trouble, just to see some undies.

8. Drunk Dialing Ex Boyfriends

Alcohol likes to play with your mind and that can sometimes lead to calling your ex-boyfriend. These calls can often lead to sex and that’s because no straight man can refuse a call from a girl in distress.

9. Downloading Bad Pop Music

Underage drinking amongst young girls explains a paranormal pop phenomenon like Justin Bieber. When to much alcohol is involved you are starting to make bad music choices.

10. Singing Karaoke

Men and women had this one in common. When we get drunk, we are tended to showing of our singing skills in karaoke. The DJ in the photo has already been to many parties when the music has been ruined by girls who want to sing, so therefor he needed to take action.

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