Hillary Clinton’s Rough Weekend: The Daily Show

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Hillary Clinton comes under fire for calling half of Donald Trump supporters “deplorables” and for not disclosing her pneumonia diagnosis amid rumors about her health.

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  1. Alright… Americans.
    Do you know about facts ? Things that should made up your informations and discussions ?
    For example: the weather. The weather reports are like the easiest things to see. What do you see on television all the time ? Weather reports. You just google "temperatures" and you have them, and it's not crooked because it's given for the entire freaking world.
    Unemployment rate ? You can find it.
    Homocides, gun induced killings ? You can find it.

    Stop making it seem so hard to see the truth, just get off of facebook and Fox News and open freaking Google !

  2. She said half. Get over it. If you are so superior, than just own who you are…you think you are a wonderful racist or a fabulous sexist. Don't deny it if you think you are better.

    And, please people, get your facts straight. I could say Hillary is sick, Trump is a women or they both practice witchcraft. Does that make it true? No.

  3. Sorry, Trevor, your daily dose of pro-Hillary, anti-Trump BS did not work. Your lady candidate lost. Now go do another anti-Trump segment and undermine your president.

  4. im from the future and i came back to tell you guys to kill hillary now! she has to pay for her mistake before we change time

  5. She would be happy to be drugged and molested by Bill Cosby and wake up to Bill cosby's crusty ass sucking her toes in some mansion! LOL

  6. You want to vote for someone like Hilary who has lied to the public, and under congress for years? Doesn't know where billions of dollars were lost as secretary? Lied to victims families who were killed?? Did a terrible failure of leadership at bengazi?..Tens of thousands of classified emails leaked to the public in the biggest national security breach in decades? Has promised to help minorities for over 20 years, but hasn't helped them AT ALL and has only gotten richer? You know she LIED to Russia about our nuclear defense system and told them that they will pay for annexing crimea? Hilary Clinton if elected, is going to set up no fly zones in Syria..Which Russia WILL NOT abide by, starting a world war 3? Do you realize the possibility of that???? Trump may say alot of things you don't agree with, and he might not say them the right way, but that is NOTHING compared to the corruption and danger this country would experience with Hilary as the president.. #Trump2016 #Saveourcountry

  7. #africajokes I have been to Ethiopia expecting heat, when it was 70s (cold to me) so I don't approve of that joke. lol it was funny though

  8. Sure she could have been more transparent. But the Trump campaign had made her health an issue before this all happened. I wonder why? There was probably some panic about that, which was picked up by the people who advised her.

  9. I'm mad her Dr. was the one who told, what ever happened to Dr. patient confidentiality? I guess she was probably given permission to do so but you're right Trevor, Hillary should have said it herself.

  10. Fucking douche bag sheep. Yeah I was talking about all hillary supporters. Fuck you. You are the dip shits, who apparently are okay with people lying to your face.


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