Perfectly Timed Photos You Have To See (Part 2)

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This picture is a kind of yin-yang. You have a beautiful rainbow on one side and a terrifying lightning on the other. Perfect timing!

The last picture

This picture could properly be the last picture of this guy, when a bear came for dinner. Hopefully the bear will choose fresh fish.

Water splash

We bet that she will be wet in like 0.12 seconds. This is a perfectly timed and we hope that she got some dry clothes on after this.

Dog fire

There is nothing extraordinary with the photo. We bet every dog owner has seeing their dog pretending it was a dragon.

Stealing the Eiffel Tower

Everyone knows, that stealing the Eiffel Tower is a piece of cake. All you need is a small crane to move it.

Face smash

This will properly heart tomorrow! This picture was taken right before he was smashing his face in the ground.

Car trash

If you do not need your car anymore, just put it in the trash. It’s simple as that! This car might be hard to get out.

The big bird

This is one hell of a big bird. We hope it wouldn’t poop when the man walks by it.

Don’t fly here

No one escapes in the hands of Buddha without permission. If you turn around I will let you go.

Dont walk on the edge

Please don’t walk on the edge, my love! This man was properly walking on the edge when he fell into the water.