Perfectly Timed Photos You Have To See (Part 1)

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10. Watch out!

This is one lucky kid! We think it’s his father sitting next to him and good thing Dad has good reflexes or else his precious boy would have seen stars.

9. Fresh breeze

This monkey has the timing correct. He was just chillin with the girl next to him when the breeze suddenly came in.

8. Super Pup

Have you ever wondered how supermans helper would look like? Here is the answer. This little pup will always fly to the next person how will rub his belly.

7. Move your finger

This is what we call timing. Did he go for the ball or was he trying to distract the player. It’s hard to tell from the picture.

6. Headache

Auch! He will for sure get a headache tomorrow. Please catch the ball with your hands next time.

5. Raining sausages

What country is this? Does it really rains with sausages? If it does, we would like to try this.

4. Head smash

One head smash coming in hot! See the look on this mum after she is realizing that see is about to lose her son on the head first.

3. Headless

You might think that this person doesn’t have a head, but this pictures was actually taken at the right timing by the photographer.

2. Pool splash

This picture is so funny! It looks like the women falling in the pictures has not realized that she is falling and is stilling talking to the two others.

1. Fire fart

This NFL player was so exited after winning the game, that he was pooping fire or at least it looked like that.

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