The best pick up lines of Limitless EXP 2015 ( Sexy Girls )

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  1. If you're hot then this is sweet and charming, if the girl doesn't like you then it's sexual harassment. True facts. Charisma can add a little bit, but really you gotta look good for it to pay off

  2. well, now I know a LOT about pick up lines and ice breakers, the only thing I need now is to know what to talk once I got them babes attention

  3. you are cool,man.Real videos,no fake bullshit like Prankinvasion kissing pranks.You show the world that you are a master in picking up girl,keep it up.Respect for this man

  4. He's gotta be swimming in vagina with all of those numbers from female Vegas tourists looking for a good time.

  5. i have a boyfriend she said.. replied i have a gold fish… i thought we was talking about shit that doesn't matter 😂😂😂😂

  6. The funny thing is I can't do the pick up line r u from Tennessee bc ur the only ten I see bc I'm living in Tennessee 😂😂😂😂

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