The Last Selfie

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1Bull Fighting Selfie

This Spanish tradition is so dangerous! People are dying every year because of this and for this man this was the last selfie he took. After this picture was taken, the bull got him.

2Happy Car Accident

Courtney Stanford died on April 26, 2014 in North Carolina, when she was taken a selfie when she was driving. While she was taken the picture a truck smashed into her car.

3End of Europe Selfie

Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of Europe and it has some pretty cool mountains to climb. When you are there, you need to take some pictures, but be sure to stand inside the safezone. A couple from Poland ignored the signs and went to the edge to take a picture. They fell and died right in front of their children.

4Last Selfie

See how happy they are. Mother and son was taken a trip by plane and was taken a selfie right before a missile hit the plane. The missile was from Ukraine.

5Deadly Walrus

You properly love animals, but don’t even think about taking a selfie with this guy. One man had already attempt this and the result was that he was dragged deeper under water until he died.

6Grenade Selfie

Russians are coming strong with the selfie-died people and one story was from the military. Some men decided to spice a selfie picture up with a grenade with it suddenly explode right next to them.

7High Altitude Selfie

Are you to scared to do this? If not, we can tell you that this picture is fake and it’s not even possible to take a selfie in mid-air out of a plane like this. But one man have tried to do this out of a lot smaller plane with a gopro and was later found dead.

8An Electric Selfie

Back in 2015, one english hiker got hit by lightning when he was taken a selfie with a selfie stick. The man as well as the smartphone were completely pulverized.

9Selfie Ruins A First Date

This selfie story was the first selfie death in South America. One couple has just meet online and on the first date, they were hiking when the couple wants to take a selfie. The girl fell off the mountain and was found dead by rescue teams later.

10Don’t Touch The Wires

Ana Ursu, a 18-year-old Romanian from Iasi city had learned her lesson about trains. She though it was a good idea to take a selfie on the top of a train, when she suddenly touched the wires with more than 27,000 volts in it.


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