Vitaly Exposed & Roasted!!! (EpicFiveTV Response To Vitalyzdtv)

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Vitaly Exposed & Roasted!!! EpicFiveTV Response To Vitalyzdtv. Vitaly is fake as f*ck!!! Vitaly is the real Definition of a FAKE Prankster!

►►► [VIDEO UPDATED!] ◄◄◄
Vitaly deletd the rant video from his channel after I roasted him too hard so here’s the reupload:

► The Prank Reviewer / Weirdest News:
► Vitalyzdtv In A G@Y P*rn:
► LAHWF vs FouseyTUBE vs EpicFiveTV vs Vitalyzdtv:
► M2ThaK Channel:
► M2ThaK trolled the shit outta Vitaly!:
► Vitalyzdtv Vs M2thaK @ Laker Game:
► VitalyzdTv gets PUNISHED By MMA Fighter:

► Vitaly’s Fake Pranks Exposed! ◄
Batman Gold Digger Prank Exposed:
80% Of Natural Born Pranksters Fake:
Vitaly Uses Actor Then Deletes It:
Ridiculous Police Officer Prank Exposed:
Vitaly’s Old Pranks Are Fake!:

► That Black Guy Stole My Wallet In Las Vegas!:
► Screaming Maniac In Las Vegas!
► Touching Strangers Hands On Escalator In Las Vegas!:

► Social Media ◄
Vlog Channel:

► Outro Song: 21 Savage – Savage Mode


  1. lol 30 dollars, like somebody else.. referring to that one guy who was first exposed. forgot his name

  2. The first 3 minutes he says all this shit but he can't even prove anything. Stop talking unless you can prove something. Stfu

  3. You failed at the roast, you targeted his past porno which was irrelevant to what he said, he spoke honestly about the vegas thing, spoke honestly about the 2nd one, and most likely cried about LAHWF for supporting fouseytube despite being the biggest and richest fake. You remained neutral on Fouseytube when 100% of his videos even the vids of him scaring his friends are fake. Did he pay you guys off or something? Target the issues

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